Life, Love and Divorce at Forty

We’ve all heard the phrases ‘Over the hill’ and ‘being left on the shelf’  but those days are totally finished.  In this modern era of technology there really is no excuse to sit at home and feel sorry for yourself.  Times and attitudes have changed dramatically with respect to relationships,  and people are far more comfortable with the idea of establishing an online relationship before meeting the respective beu!

Life at forty has never been so good there are now officially more forty year olds in the UK than at any other time, and with todays fast pace life and increasing hardships caused by the credit crunch unfortunatley there are more divorced forty somthings than ever before.  Many people who find themselves in this situation will feel that their life is over but it mose definitley is not! Online dating can help but more importantly you need to pick yourself up dust yourself off and move  on.

Divorce at any time can be very hard to cope with and it’s terribly important to find people who can give you a sympathetic ear.  Forties Fun has a great chatroom and we are certain you will find like minded individuals with whom you can share thoughts and ideas.

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