First Date Tips for Men and Women

 First Date Tips for Men and Women

Tips for Women: The tips mentioned below should assist you on your first date

  1. Punctuality : There is no excuse for arriving late and you need to be sure that you are always on time. If your date is late, do not make it an issue, be calm and composed and enjoy the evening. Any reaction from your side could dampen the spirits and spoil the mood.
  2. Attire : You need to wear outfits that give you confidence. It need not be flashy and should not be garish. Avoid wearing suggestive attire as it might send the wrong signals. Your accessories like shoes, handbag, must complement your attire.
  3. Be relaxed : You need to control your emotions and should not become a nervous wreck. While some nervousness is expected, channelise your energy towards excitement rather than becoming edgy.
  4. Well read : Make sure you are abreast of the latest in news and current events so that you are not groping for issues to talk. You need to project an image of somebody who is well read.
  5. Break the ice :  You need to convey warmth and happiness through your smile and be rest assured, the ice is broken and it will be easy from there on..
  6. Transparency :  It is advisable to discuss your plans for the evening as well as ask him about his. It will set up the evening for you.
  7. Observant : You must be alert and utilize the time to notice what your date is doing and to show relevant emotions through your comments. Make sure though that they are on the positive side like praising him, showing sensitivity etc.
  8. Honest :  If, during the evening, you are faced with something uncomfortable or embarrassing, discuss it with your date and do not hold back.
  9. Acknowledge :  If you’re enjoying yourself, ensure it is communicated to your date.
  10. Keep in touch :  Do not forget to intimate him about things he would love to be informed about, something about his favorite hero or topic. It will create the proper wavelength and also prompt him to reciprocate with news that you would like to hear about. Overall, discussing about your personal achievements and encouraging him to talk about his will make the meeting far more engaging than talking about the recent TV soap. You also need to show that you care about him.

Dating Skills for Men

  1. Speak the truth :It never pays to lie. While you may get by for the moment on that particular day, you will be caught and it will be very embarrassing. No women likes dishonesty and it is not at all macho to lie. Moreover, when you lie once, you need to be alert to be covering that lie with so many other lies and is not worth the effort.
  2. Do not pretend : Nothing puts off women than somebody faking. It is always advisable to be yourself and that is the impression you need to convey to her.
  3. Do not surprise : It is not a good idea to spring a surprise with a movie offer or a meal on the first date without knowing her preferences. It will be construed as a nasty surprise and is not in your favor.
  4. Humor : Everybody likes humor and this quality can be your greatest asset, especially with women.
  5. Grooming : Please ensure clean clothing, clean breadth, no body odor and clean nails.

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2 Responses to “First Date Tips for Men and Women”

  1. Great tips! The best advice I was ever given when first dating in my forties was to be myself and always smile!

  2. Amy Sherman says:

    I’m writing a book on male dating after 40 and your tips were very helpful. I agree that you should be yourself, because dishonesty is a big turn off. Women look for sincerity and authenticity and I’m sure men appreciate that as well.

    Good advice to pass on.

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