Eye Contact and Body Posture – Signs of Attraction

 Eye Contact and Body Posture – Signs of Attraction

You can avoid wasting time in pursuing girls that do not want anything to do with you if you have the skills to tell whether they are interested in you or not.

Being able to read body language can be a very beneficial skill. In fact, I consider it very important not only in dealing with women, but also with your mates or in your career.

In order to know accurately what a person is communication with her body language, we have to understand the person since there are some body languages that can be thought to be a sign of comfort.

Also, you can reduce your nervousness when you are around girls if you know how to read their body language. You can be able to tailor the answers and actions to your conversation in the right direction if you have an idea of how she is feeling. Trying to get clues from her verbal language will be a waste of time.

We know that women usually say one thing but in the real sense they mean another. If you know how to read body language, you can be at ease as you will always be ahead.

Eye Contact
Eye contact is an important sign of attraction between individuals. If you are seated with your friends at a club and you spot a girl seated a few tables from you eyeing you, what does it mean? What if she eyes you again and maintains the contact for a little longer? Look at the eye contact, is the ordinary supermarket look or it’s something more?

These signs should automatically tell you that the girl is interested in you. Get up, make your way to her, and start a conversation.

Her Body Posture
This is one attribute that most people find themselves doing a little more that they should. I am also guilty of this habit, and most of the times I find myself doing it unconsciously. The funny thing is that I cannot refrain from doing it.

Take a look at this example:

Let’s say you are walking in the middle of the town, not caring much about your posture. You have your shoulder laid back relaxed and your head downwards minding your own business.

Out of the blues, a sexy girl walks towards you, what is your first reaction? Probably, you get into an upright posture, push your chest out a little bit and try to portray the best you as the girl walks by, right?

This type of attraction signal is commonly used by both sexes, albeit unconsciously. It is mostly done through the body language that we display.

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