Overcome your shyness

 Overcome your shyness

It is not uncommon for teenagers to get nervous when someone they like, possibly of the opposite sex , talks to them. Apart from nervousness, teenagers may feel tongue-tied. Many of them wish that they could be more confident with their peers of the opposite sex, especially if they know someone who seems to be getting along well with these comrades of the opposite sex.

You must also have come across guys who their brain stops to work when a girl that they fancy is within 100m from them. Some guys seem lucky as they just interact with girls very easily. Now we wonder, is flirting a naturally in-built talent or is it something we can learn and perfect with time?

Let’s look at stage performance and public speaking. Many people consider those who can sing and speak well to be talented. These are talents most of us have not been naturally given. We cannot deny that some people are gifted, but with enough training and practice, we can also learn to do equally as well as they do.

Nowadays, it is common for many parents to send their children for drama and public speaking lessons when they are young. When they are joining formal schooling, most of these children do not have stage frights and can speak in public very confidently. This shows that the right training can help us be more confident.

I feel that many guys fear chatting up the girls they fancy because they do not have self confidence and have no idea on how the girls will respond to the chat. They fear that the girl may reject them and as a result let chances of knowing her pass and disappear.

You do not have to remain in this situation if you are among the many guys that fear to chat up girls. With some little training, you can become a cool guy who is not afraid to talk to women.

You can use some of these tips below to get rid of your fears:

  1. Get into a habit of smiling and acknowledging the women that you come across daily as you head to your office. A simple good morning or hi is a great way to start. These are great ice breakers you can use to ease the tension, especially if you are greeting a stranger. When you get into the habit of doing this, you will not be nervous when talking to strangers, or women for that matter.
  2. Offer out your name for volunteer opportunities in events that are being organized or hosted by your company. These positions will get you to working with women from other departments of the company. When you are frequently around or in contact with ladies, you will start feeling more comfortable in their.
  3. Picture yourself having a conversation with the woman that you fancy. Having a mental picture will help you when you actually interact with the woman. Since you will already be familiar with the picture from your brain, you will not feel much nervous.
  4. Do not think that the girl you fancy has no flaws; do not entertain unrealistic imaginations about her. She is just a normal girl whom you can reach out to. She is not out of the ordinary or unreachable.
  5. If you did not know, you have been socializing with the women since you were a baby. The first woman you probably interacted with was your mother. Other people grew up with aunts, sisters, and grandmothers, with whom they all shared the same house.

Therefore, technically speaking, women should not make you nervous when you are talking to them. Just imagine that you are talking to your sister or mother. Also, enough practice will make you stop being nervous on meeting and talking to women.

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