Signs that say she loves you

 Signs that say she loves you

Body smartening gestures are made by both men and women. Some of the preening gestures that women do include gazing intimately, establishing eye contact, rubbing the hair, resting their hands on their hips, making their clothing correct, among others. These signs show that the woman wants a conversation or a non-physical relationship. However, there are some exceptions, for instance, some women who have been physically abused or undergone child abuse in their past could pull their hair as a sign of feeling nervous.

Also, women can show that they need to be catered and listened to when their cheeks start to glow and the pupils expand. Other signals that a woman wants such a relationship include glancing sideways at a man, looking at the mirror regularly, caressing the knee, calf or thigh, or crossing and uncrossing the legs when a male is around. If a woman is comfortable when she is sitting next to a man, her footwear will be gracefully balanced on her toe.

Some other signals include:

Rolling the Hips
This is one of the most common gestures that you can see. Women in different professions use it to make their statements. Models employ it to be noticed on the ramp, movies stars use it and even commercial sex workers attract many clients by simply employing this gesture. The gesture is mainly done by the woman to increase her sex appeal, while when its done by a man, it may indicate that he is gay.

Wet Lips Signal
Some women like wetting their lips or applying much lipstick to make them look wet. This is a clear sign that she is sexually inviting a man. This technique is used by many prostitutes in attracting men. Be careful however since the signal does not always indicate a sexual invitation. Some women simply love to put up the lipstick for business or to keep up with their looks.

Tossing the Head
You can observe this signal done by nearly every female. You can see the woman flicking her head and in the process tossing her hair behind over the shoulder. Her face then remains in the open. This is a clear sign that the woman is interested in some form of relationship with the man.

Legs Signals
Most women that are sexually active have their legs more widely open when they are seated than those that are not sexually aggressive. You will notice this signal even when men in the presence of such women.

To add to the above signal, women also make other gestures with their legs. One of the most easily noticed is crossing of the legs. You will find that at a certain time one leg is laying over the other, with the knee facing the direction of the man than she is talking to. This shows that she is interested in the man. At such a position, the woman can capture and distract the guy that she is interested in by exposing her thighs. Those who are more daring may uncover their thighs intentionally to give a direct signal.

When a woman plays with her shoes, it is a signal that she is a relaxed mood. You will frequently notice that she is constantly playing with the shoe by continuously pushing her foot in and out of her footwear. Also, women will often close their legs in a manner that they still attract a man’s attention by not being too far away.

Although these are general signals exhibited by women, you should apply caution and logic when approaching a woman. Do not take the signals for granted as they may not always indicate what you think they do.

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