Qualities that women look for in a man

 Qualities that women look for in a man

Some guys can attract and draw women towards them so effortlessly, that you’d think they have magical powers. Anywhere they go, women seem to be following them and getting dates is a piece of cake for them. The intriguing thing is that they are not dissimilar to you in the way they look, the clothes they wear or the car they drive.

What’s the difference then, you may wonder?

There are indeed some differences and though they may seem no big deal, they can make all the difference and what’s more, they are not out of reach for you.

DIFFERENCE # 1: The confidence

When such a person walks into a room, you can make out that he is not averse to people noticing him and is absolutely at ease. His gestures are not furtive and reflect a confidence that cannot be faked. His attire is functional without being garish and his walk is measured. His confidence comes from the fact that you do not need to be perfect to be confident.

DIFFERENCE # 2: He gets attention

This person does not wish to become the life of the party and will not say anything that is superficial. When he talks, it will be with purpose and people can make out that there is truth in what he is saying. The fact that being genuine brings along with its own charisma endears him to people and they are drawn to him. He is being “real” and does not try to fake to impress.

DIFFERENCE # 3: He’s man of action, not just thoughts

A typical example is at a bar where there is a gorgeous woman with her male friend. There are guys who want to speak with her but are not able to conjure up the courage. Our guy just goes up to her, introduces himself and strikes a normal conversation as casually as if it is no big deal. While the conversation itself is nothing great, it is the need to act rather than keep thinking from a distance that made the difference between him and the other guys.

DIFFERENCE # 4: He’s accessible and friendly
The conversation proceeds on very casual topics and acquires a light-hearted and relaxed nature putting the other person completely at ease. There is no romantic banter and he maintains eye contact. He conveys to her that he likes listening to her and gives her all his attention and that is what she likes.

DIFFERENCE # 5: He says the right things
He is clear in his objective that he would like to see her again and makes no bones about it. While the other guys curse themselves for missing the opportunity, he indicates his wish to meet her again and solicits her number. This is done very naturally and without any put-on. It might sound corny but it has always worked and will continue to work in future. The guy knew his objective and also knew that he would be successful.
He does not make it complicated and delivers the perfect line in asking her number.
Well, those are the five differences. They appear simple, on the face of it, but worth trying out to make a difference to your lives.

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